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St James Shaving Emporium 503 shaving brush with synthetic fibre bristles and black handle
St James Shaving Emporium

St. James Shaving Emporium, SYNTHETIC FIBRE Shaving Brush 503

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Synthetic fibre shaving brushes are no longer the poor cousin of Badger hair shaving brushes but have excelled in quality in recent years The new generation are crafted from custom-made synthetic bristles. which outperform badger hair brushes in many respects:

  • they don't suffer from hair loss
  • they require less shaving cream or soap to generate a good lather
  • they are super-soft on the face
  • offer resistance to raise the beard
  • they don't tend to smell
  • they travel well and dry quickly
  • easy to clean and care for
  • they react well to harsh treatment such as splaying when lathering up
  • they last longer
  • they cost less
  • No animal is killed in the making

Our range of synthetic brushes 501/502/503/504 vary in the design of handle, height & loft thickness


 Overall brush height 105mm  Loft Height 55mm  Neck diameter 25mm 

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