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In 1906 Carl Dorp & Carl Voos (Do V0) founded the straight razor factory in Wald, near Solingen. The company logo registered was a knight with a hammer and sword in its hands, the hammer as a symbol of the straight razor forge and a sword as a symbol of the manufacture and the technical perfection of his products.

By 1930, the town of Solingen, already well known for its tradition of premium steel products, had become so large it incorporated outlying villages, including Wald, and a law was passed in 1938 to protect the name of Solingen creating a brand identity synonymous with quality. It was Dovo exports that helped put Solingen on the international map

Despite a downturn in the demand for straight razors the DOVO brand survived by manufacturing scissors. In 1953 Ernst Kirschbaum joined the company, employing young staff and the motto "New names for new markets". It is his son Markus Kirschbaum who has brought the company into the 21st century

Ironically the fashion for vintage has allowed Dovo to return to its origins as a straight razor company and the merger with Merkur 1996, manufacturers of D/E safety razors, sealed Dovo's position as a world leader in the field of men's grooming accessories.