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In 1914, George Bunting & Elizabeth Buck set up a factory in a house located at 102 East Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore. Using a coffee pot to mix the original batches. they produced a cream for sunburn which came to be known as“The Miracle Cream of Baltimore”. When one user told him, “Your product cleared my eczema!” Mr Bunting realized he had a brand name, he repackaged it as “Noxzema”. Around 1917, the Noxzema Company issued shares and moved to larger premises, increasing production as sales climbed higher.  Consumers realized it worked not only for sunburn and facial cleansing but as a makeup remover and anti-ageing cream, too.

In the 1960s the company changed its name to Noxell Corporation, presumably to represent its expansion beyond the core activity for which it had been known. (They were the makers of Cover Girl makeup which was an enormously successful line) Its incredible profits led to Procter & Gamble purchasing the company. Subsequent years proved less successful. The shaving foam was made under licence in Italy and became associated as an Italian product. but the cream was left to fade away. Procter & Gamble looked for a buyer. It eventually fell into the hands of Unilever and in 2013 Unilever relaunched the entire Noxzema line.  

Noxzema  Shaving Foams are a great traditional shaving cream, for a close protective shave. The concentrated formula contains a rich blend of emollients and lubricants that let you shave close to the skin without irritation. It helps prevent nicks and cuts and leaves skin feeling soft. Comes in five different types for differing needs.

Noxzema Protective is medicated to soothe your skin whilst protecting it during shaving for a fresh and smooth result. Can be used as a pre-shave, shave cream and aftershave as well as its traditional use as a sunburn and anti ageing cream.