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Nesti Dante

Nesti Dante was founded in 1945 when, at age 12, creator Dante Nesti began making soap in his own home in Florence. Young Nesti Dante started off with a small soap production from his garage, supplied by the fat given to him by a local butcher, due to the immediate post-war scarcity.  As demand for his soap grew, he soon put together enough money to invest in a small parcel of land by his house.
By 1947, his small venture had become a full-blown company and was registered by the Chamber of Commerce of Florence. Today, the Nesti Dante factory is one of the most highly regarded facilities in Europe for the manufacturing of soap using the method of soap production with the water boiler. Utilizing traditional methods and raw materials, Nesti Dante soap is completely natural, 100% biodegradable, vegan-friendly and against animal testing. Formulated with quality, purity and integrity, without compromise, only naturally active premium ingredients, organic wherever possible, and only pure whole plants oils from sustainable cultivation are used. There are no mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients. All packaging is recyclable. Most notable is the heady blend of natural extracts and botanicals creating a long lasting perfume that infuses your bathroom (or underwear drawer)

The company is proudly run by the second and third generation of the Nesti family who established the company motto:
             “ We work not to be the biggest, but to be the best.”