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Merkur of Solingen has been producing high-quality safety razors and shaving equipment for over seventy years. Regardless of whether you prefer a thoroughly clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, Merkur double edge razors offer the right model and appropriate accessories for every beard type, thus ensuring the best conditions for an effective wet shave.

Merkur safety razors are known for their excellent finish and quality engineering and they are considered by many to be the best quality safety razors available today. A Merkur safety razor is designed to last you a lifetime. Their flagship safety razor is the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty (or HD for short) which is praised by both experienced and novice wet shavers for giving a fantastic shave that is both close and comfortable. This is by far the most popular safety razor. 

The benefit of a single blade is that shaving with a single blade reduces the irritation that some men can get during shaving as well as saving a lot of money when compared to modern cartridge razor blades. The blade cuts the hair at 90 degrees which prevents ingrowing hair and does not scrape the skin which occurs with overuse of  5 blade cartridge heads

Merkur razors are available with a chrome finish and some models are also available in gold and satin finish. The Progress and Futur models are adjustable which allows you to set the blade gap on the razor. The higher the setting, the more the razor blade is exposed to the skin which results in a more aggressive shave. This allows you to set the razor to give you the closest shave possible without getting any irritation.