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Although much of the original history of the Marvis brand remains a mystery we know that Marvis was created in Italy, and the first registration of the brand was made by the Earl Franco Cella di Rivaradates back in 1958.
It is believed that Marvis was first intended for smokers due to its whitening effect and intense Mint flavour. We do not know the origin of the brand name although it is likely a combination of the words Marvel + Vis. The word "Marvel" is a Latin word meaning miracle and "Vis" means strength.
Marvis was all but forgotten until Ludovico Martelli Srl bought the brand in 1997.
Using the original formulas, the brand has now been positioned as a luxury product in its sector. Marvis is known as much for its striking packaging as much as the product. Packed into stylish matt aluminium tubes with a decorative lid, Marvis toothpaste is a piece of art.
Classic Strong Mint was the first product created and is still the best seller of the whole range. All Marvis pastes are based on a minty taste declined in 7 different flavours: from the strong freshness of the classic mint, the less intense Aquatic Mint, to the aromatic Ginger Mint,  Licorice Mint and Cinnamon Mint and the delicate flowery taste of Jasmine Mint.

Marvis luxury toothpaste has revolutionised the concept of toothpaste, giving it a modern interpretation and an extraordinary appeal, that transforms a simple daily gesture into a moment of pleasure.