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Since 1932, Floid has been serving gentlemen all over the world with their signature line of exceptional aftershaves. Originating from Barcelona Floid has built itself into one of the world’ premier men’s grooming and hygiene brands, with the company priding itself on never taking its focus off products that are exclusively for men.

The company has modelled the growth of its brand on four essential pillars: character, authenticity, originality and elegance. The aftershaves are refreshing but not bracing, the gels and lotions are nicely moisturizing, and the whole suite of products reduces razor irritation and keep things comfortable

  • Floid Pre-Shave Oil is the perfect product for softening your beard for a wonderfully smooth shave. It's great for sensitive skin.
  • Floid BLACK After Shave is one of Floid's newer splashes, and it definitely has a more modern twist to it. It tones and cools the skin, and its strong, masculine scent smells great.
  • Floid AMBER After Shave is also a popular choice for post shave soothing. The scent is old world barbershop and is a bit sweeter than others in the Floid line.