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L. Manetti & H. Roberts

"Mr Roberts, an English chemist and druggist, at the Pharmacy of the British Legation, No. 17 in the Via dei Tornabuoni will be the best person to whom the making up of English prescriptions can be confided, as he has several English assistants; he keeps an extensive stock of English patent medicines, perfumery, teas, and a good supply of foreign and of the superior qualities of Italian wines. In addition to his business as a dispensing chemist, Mr Roberts carries a large wholesale trade, supplying most of the apothecaries in the Tuscan and neighbouring Italian towns."

The above description appeared in a Florentine guide in 1867. Henry Roberts was responsible for creating both the rosewater cleanser Acqua alle Rose, invented in 1867, and Borotalco invented in 1874 in his pharmaceutical laboratory established in Florence in 1843.

The former classic, Acqua alle Rose, an ancient beauty elixir made from rose petals,  has given birth to a new facial skin care line consisting of 95% natural ingredients with purely distilled water and the essence of noble roses, for a glowing and revitalised skin.

The Boro-Talcum formula has become a staple in Italian households. It is a soothing and refreshing body powder with a wonderful scent.

The Henry Roberts pharmacy combined in 1921 with another well known Florentine pharmacy called Manetti  to form the Manetti Roberts brand