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Pino Silvestre

Pino Silvestre is an icon in the world of perfumery. It is a Brand that revolutionised the fragrance sector and in the 1950s it became a trendsetter. Italian in origin it is renowned throughout the world for its iconic image and its capacity for expressing the true essence of Nature.
The fragrance has been produced by the Venetian Vidal family for over 60 years. Originally created by chemist Lino Vidal,  Pino Silvestre - The Italian name for "Scots Pine" - is an iconic Italian men's fragrance launched in 1955. It's distinctive pine aroma, paired with traditional men's fragrance components such as lavender, basil, spices and moss, has been bottled in a green pine-cone shaped vessel, making it an affordable and enduring masculine classic. As with most heritage brands, it changed hands a few times over the years. It was eventually repurchased by a Vidal family member Massimo who founded MaVive in 1986.  
The earliest edition was created in 1955 and the newest is from 2014.