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Since 1932 the Feather Safety Razor Company of Osaka, Japan has been producing one of the sharpest razor blades.  These blades are used in shaving razors and even surgical instruments. Its manufacturing headquarters are in the “City of Cutlery”, Seki City, the Sheffield or Solingen of Japan. Throughout the world, Feather’s blades are considered the sharpest with a strong identifiable brand packaging of yellow & black.  Legend has it that the original factory was set up by two Germans after WW1 to compete with the dominance of the American company Gillette in the razor blade market. Falling into Japanese ownership the trade embargos of WW2 increased the brand's dominance in the Far East which continues to this day. The Feather success is due to the brand’s extremely high standards in quality control, excellent quality materials and  for consistency in manufacturing.