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Pre Shave Creams and Oils

Pre shave creams and oils are the ideal way to prepare for the effective and safe shaving of sensitive skin. Both soften the beard by locking in moisture. This acts like an invisible shield, swelling the bristles with water and protecting the skin from the razor. They facilitate the razor's glide, firstly preventing the blade from tugging at the roots, and secondly making the skin pliable and bend with the razor which helps prevent irritation,  micro-cuts and in growing hairs.. 

Is there a preference? Oil could clog the razor whilst creams are an emulsion and more washable. But oils are natural and have an efficacy beyond a smooth shave 

For a more pleasant, quick and easy shave without damaging sensitive skin check out our range of pre shave products from Proraso, Noxzema and Osma.