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The Personna brand was purchased by the American shaving razor corporation in 1953. In 1963 it was the first company to produce the stainless steel razor blade and in 1974 the first tungsten steel blade Personna 74. Recent history is somewhat convoluted.  Energizer Holdings bought American Safety Razor out of bankruptcy in 2010. In 2015 Energizer spun off their personal care brands, including Personna, into a new company called Edgewell Personal Care Company. The industrial/professional Personna lines didn’t fit into Edgewell’s focus on personal care, and so were destined to be sold or shut down. But the popularity of Personna blades amongst the wet shaving community led to  Edgewell announcing that it had found a buyer. An investor group purchased Personna Industrial, forming a new company called AccuTec Blades.  This means that the production facility in Verona, Virginia will continue to produce  Personna blades. Somewhat confusingly, Edgewell will also continue to use the Personna brand for personal care products and continues to operate the blade plant in Israel which produces the red packaged blades. Regardless of their history Personna remain one of the most popular blade brands