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Simpson shaving brushes are widely regarded as being the finest in the world, particularly by the more discerning or dedicated grooming aficionados. Its original motto "may not need replacing in your lifetime" still stands today.  Scotsman Alexander E. Simpson began making shaving brushes in Clapham, London in 1919. After his factory in London was destroyed in the 1941 Blitz, Simpson moved his company to Nimmer Mills, Chard, in Somerset. The business gradually declined with the habit of wet shaving. 

The Simpson name was purchased in May 2008 by Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited, another very highly respected brush manufacturer in their own right, based at the centre of the British Isles on the beautiful Isle of Man. The name has flourished alongside the resurgence of men's grooming.                                   

A Simpson’s brush is handmade. The badger hair comes in different grades, Pure, Best & Silvertip, as well as Black Badger and Manchurian. The hair is sorted and then tied by a craftsman to make a knot, this is glued into a handle that has been hand turned on a lathe and then polished. They are made much more densely than most other brands of brush. If rinsed well after use, and then allowed to dry with the bristles facing down, they should give around 30 years of daily service.