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Founded in Paris, France in 1810, the PINAUD brand and its CLUBMAN line of fine men's toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop across the US, UK and Europe. The original trademark image of a dapper Frenchman, created in the mid 19th century for Clubman line labels still serves as the face of the brand today. Its popularity led to American International Industries in Los Angeles, California, acquiring the brand and its Clubman line, and then in 2007, ED. PINAUD became one of the brands under the DCHL Group with offices in 11 countries around the world.

A long way from Pinaud's humble beginnings in a town about 200 km north of Paris. He moved to Paris aged 15 and in 1830, Pinaud opened his first fragrance shop in the heart of the aristocratic district of Paris.where later he also served as the perfumer for the court of Napoleon III. He purchased a flourishing perfume business set up by the renowned Legrand and soon ED. PINAUD is acknowledged as a "producer of top- quality perfumeries" by the National Court of Commerce. In 1845, ED. PINAUD was granted its first royal patent by being appointed "sole official supplier" of the Queen Victoria of England, thereafter followed by dozens of privileges of the like.and in 1846 created his first aftershave, Lilac Vegetal for the Hungarian cavalry. In 1852 Pinaud went into partnership with a Monsieur Emile Meyer and for almost the next twenty years the company became known as Parfumerie Edouard Pinaud & Meyer, operating from 37 Boulevard de Strasbourg and 40 Boulevard des Italiens. In 1855 the company was awarded the first medal at the Paris World Fair; thereafter ED. PINAUD would receive more than 10 prizes. It was their success at displaying their product at Trade Fairs which raised their international profile.  When Edouard Pinaud died, in 1868, Meyer ran the business with his son in law Victor Klotz. The wave of anti-Semitism in France at the time prompted the dropping of the Meyer name and because Klotz was Jewish too, the Pinaud name, by itself, was seen as much better for business. It was Victor Klotz and his sons Georges and Henri who would be most responsible for the company’s early 20th-century success, especially in America. In 1897, they opened the Place Vendome showroom and in 1920, launched the 5th Avenue ED. PINAUD building in New York. During the pharmaceutical era of the early 1900s, Pinaud’s products garnered popularity and acclaim internationally. 

Today - more than 200 years since its debut - Clubman offers a wide range of popular men’s grooming products that remain true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. e.g. The newest additions to the line include  Beard grooming essentials. In addition to their staple shave & face products, Clubman offers a variety of classic hair care & grooming products as well. 

Clubman colognes and aftershaves range from classic and subtle to exotic and intoxicating. While best-selling After Shave Lotion has maintained popularity with its classic fragrance blend, Clubman fans also love the brand’s signature scents such as Bay Rum, Classic Vanilla and Musk. Brand veterans Lilac Vegetal After Shave Lotion and Eau De Quinine Cologne have achieved longevity, as they remain standards in the marketplace today, proving that exceptional quality transcends time and never goes out of style.