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Strop Russian leather double sided with cushioned pivot handle

Strop Russian Leather Double sided with Cushioned Pivot Handle 20% Off

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A hanging strop keeps the straight razor sharp and must be used each time before the razor is employed. Never after. The leather polishes the blade, removes any burr and aligns the edge of the bevel. Can be used with or without polishing compound. Although there is no hard and fast rule sharpeners tend to use suede with the compound and smooth leather without. A strop does not remove material in order to sharpen, that is called honing. It maintains the sharpness of the razor. The Linen ion the other side of some strops is for coarse edge alignment with or without a white paste or simply cleaning prior to stropping. Please read the information below which details which type of hanging strop you are buying.

Material: Russian Leather

Handle: cushioned, pivot

Width: 50mm

Stropping surface length: 39cm

Back: double-sided

Code: 194J

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