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Dovo Solingen, SHAVETTE Black Aluminium
Dovo Solingen

Dovo Solingen, SHAVETTE Black Aluminium

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Smart black Aluminium version of the Inox Shavette

The Dovo Shavette is a modern twist on an iconic straight razor. It responds to the needs of barbers working within local bye-laws which ban classic straight razor use in salons for hygienic reasons

The Dovo Shavette straight razor is a lightweight stainless steel razor with a stainless steel, olive wood  or black aluminium handle and disposable blades.held by a plastic insert that slides into the spine. This allows the shaver to change  the blades with standardized single, or double edge or long length disposable razors (they can easily be snapped in half down the center). Disposal means no need for stropping. pasting, honing or rust.


  • Comfortable grip, lightweight and easy to manipulate
  • Easy to travel with (check airlines about blade policy)
  • Disposable blades eliminate the need for sharpening
  • Affordable compared to cartridge razors as inexpensive to replace
  • No blade clogging like cartridge razors
  • High quality stainless steel 

Drawing comparisons between a shavette and a classic straight razor can imply the former is easier and an incremental step towards the latter. Although they are similar in some ways a classic razor has more weight that helps create balance . Also the shavette blade has a sharp 90 degree corner which is unforgiving so not necessarily "easier" to use. On the other hand that corner can be great for detailing.

Length: 13 cm closed

Code:  201 081

Weight: 30 g

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