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Floid, AFTER SHAVE, 400ml

Floid, AFTER SHAVE, 400ml

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Since 1932, Floïd has been one of the consistently sought after grooming brands, not only in Spain where it originated but across Europe. Ninety years later, Floïd remains authentic, garnering a reputation amongst the wet shaving aficionado community as one of the original classic 'barbershop' preparations. The iconic vintage glass bottle and label emphasises the quality of this fantastic aftershave. It is a very traditional fragrance and distinctly masculine, both calming and authoritative.  This product can be purchased with an orange atomiser

 Although originally created in Barcelona, for many years  Floid was manufactured in Italy hence the Italian connection. Then it disappeared, resurfacing in Spain where the brand has been heavily promoted in recent years.There are now several Floid fragrances distinguishable by the colour. The Amber is slightly sweeter and less mentholated than the blue.As with many historic fragrances there have been reformulations

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