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Merkur, D E SAFETY RAZOR Black Rubber
Merkur, D E SAFETY RAZOR Black Rubber

Merkur, D E SAFETY RAZOR Black Rubber

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A traditional fixed-head, three piece razor, the Merkur 20C Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor with Extra-Long Matte Black Handle has an elegant diagonally ridged handle, easy to grip and hold securely while shaving. The gleaming chrome base and head handsomely contrast with the black handle making this a highly attractive razor to add to your collection. While shaving the weight of the head helps move the blade across the face, but the straight comb ensures the bite is not too aggressive. Purchase one our blade sampler packs when you select this razor to see what type of blade works best for your style of shaving. 

  • Long Black Rubber closed comb 90 20 011
  • Short Black Rubber closed comb 90 30 011

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