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St James Shaving Emporium natural silk sea sponge
St James Shaving Emporium

St. James Shaving Emporium, Natural Sea SPONGE SILK

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Smaller, 'silk' sponges are excellent cleansers and exfoliators. Thanks to a more condensed structure and smoother exterior, 'silk' sponges are perfect for facial and infant care. 
The shape and texture of a 'silk' sponge make it highly absorbent, therefore, as well as being hypoallergenic, it is perfect for facial care.                                                    It is ideal for, applying foundation and make-up as well as deep cleansing in those hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose.

Sponges allow the skin to breathe and open up the skin's pores for a deeper cleanse. They also facilitate and stimulate blood circulation, which can help smooth fine lines and leave skin glowing.

• Highly absorbent 
• Creates a rich lather for a luxurious bathing experience 
• Hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive skin 
• Long lasting for daily use 
• Small size for cleaning in the creases 

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