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St James Shaving Emporium natural sea sponge medium
St James Shaving Emporium natural sea sponge small
St James Shaving Emporium

St. James Shaving Emporium, Natural Sea SPONGES WOOL

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Sustainably harvested in the Caribbean Sea, Sea wool sponges are extra soft and super-absorbent, perfect for working up a rich lather in the shower or bath.

Sea Wool sponges are a high-quality value for money sponge. Absorbent, durable, resilient, bulky in size and soft in texture. The Sea Wool sponge performs an excellent job of exfoliating the skin in a gentle, caring and natural way.              Slower to dry than other sponges, so these sponges need good drying conditions

These sponges can last 6 months to 1 year with normal care.

Very soft body texture.
- Very soft surface texture.
- Feels like sheep fleece.
- Extremely absorbent. 
- Delicate: quite a low tear resistance.

Sizes: Large, Medium & Small

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