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JB Tatam red, untreated paddle strop

Paddle Strop, Red & Untreated 20% Off

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Paddle strops are great for the newly initiated into "cut-throat" shaving. A strop is a flexible piece of leather used to straighten and polish a blade before use. Unlike sharpening or honing, stropping doesn't take any material away so it lengthens the life of your blade by providing a working edge for a longer period of time.

The advantages of a paddle strop are a taut surface (excellent for beginners), compact size (usually easier for travel), and convenience of use (you aren't attached to surface like with a hanging strop).

This double-sided strop has natural leather on one side and red pre-pasted on the other and a wooden handle for a secure grip. Its Russian leather is hard-wearing, flexible, and water resistant.

The red paste provides a mild abrasion which decreases the need to hone

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