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Proraso 300ml White shaving foam with green tea and oatmeal
Proraso 50ml White shaving foam with green tea and oatmeal

Proraso White, SHAVING FOAM with Green Tea and Oatmeal

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The ideal solution for those who have sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated. Thanks to its thick, creamy texture, it protects the skin like an invisible shield and facilitates the razor's glide, helping to prevent irritation and micro-cuts. For a more pleasant, quick and easy shave without damaging sensitive skin.

- Enriched with Oatmeal extract and Green Tea for an emollient, soothing effect. It's the ideal way to calm redness caused by shaving.

- Dampen your face with warm water. Shake the can, keeping it vertical. Spread the foam over your face and shave. To protect the product, dry the can after use and do not leave in very humid environments. In the case rust forms on the can, handle carefully. The product inside will not have been affected.

SHAVING FOAM with Green Tea and Oatmeal, 300 ml

SHAVING FOAM with Green Tea and Oatmeal, 50 ml

Contents: 300 ml

Size: 16.5 cm x Ø 6 cm

Contents: 50ml

Size: 10.5 cm x Ø 3 cm

Please be aware 300 ml the maximum quantity allowed for each parcel are two following Royal Mail shipping restrictions for aerosols.

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