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Strop paste tubes and blocks
Strop paste tubes in white, red, green and yellow
Strop paste blocks in green, black and red
Dovo Solingen

Strop Paste Sets

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Keeping your blade sharp. Purchase in the form of a wax block or paste in a tube.


Green tube - the coarsest stropping paste with abrasive particles of about 6 microns in size. It is great for bringing a slightly dull edge back to sharpness.

Red tube - medium grit stropping paste with abrasive particles in the 2-4 micron range. It is great for bringing an edge that has just begun to dull back to sharpness. 

Grey (white tube) - an ultra-fine paste, perfect for keeping your linen razor strop in prime condition to ensure the best results. The paste fills the spaces between the fibers of the linen and provides a smooth and even stropping surface.

Yellow tube- a white paste perfect for keeping your leather razor strop soft and supple to ensure the best results. A form of moisturiser it has no grit

Compounds - blocks of paste in three different colours confusingly wrapped. Use these pastes to create a series of stropping surfaces for your razor progressing from the coarser green (in the yellow wrapper) to the medium red & finer black (in the blue wrapper) and then finish stropping on plain leather to create the best possible edge. Stropping pastes are perfect for use when your razor has started to go dull and just needs a little touching up. Simply rub the stick on the surface like a crayon. A little goes a long way, so though small, these sticks will be all you need for quite some time. Normally sold in pairs in a box e.g. red and green or black and green, we sell all three colours so you can experiment for yourself

How do I choose between a paste and a block?  Money, a block lasts longer. Ease of application, paste is softer and spreads,  In the end personal preference.

Can paste replace a stone? No it is not aggressive enough to bring a dull edge back to sharp. The edge being sharpened must have been taken through the finest sharpening stones before the compound is used for it to be effective. However a paste can maintain an edge. Remember once you have put a paste on your strop you can not remove it.

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